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Aclass Alarms can offer a fast, efficient Service, installing and comissioning equipment from a number of leading manufacturers ensuring the most suitable installation for the type of business and usage.
We can provide full installations for Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Listed/Graded Buildings.

Conventional Systems
We install a range of popular conventional panels from single to 32 zones. These comply with BS 5839 part 4 1988.Due to the wide range of detectors supported by our panels, we are able to use them with existing installations without the need to change devices.All our panels are available as true flush or surface mounting and in two-tone grey or cream and brown. Other colours and finishes such as brass or stainless steel are available to order.
Our 2-wire systems are available from 2 to 12 zones . They have been designed to work with the Fulleon 2-wire sounder but with normal detectors and call points. The advantage with a 2-wire system is that the sounders will operate on the detector zones without the need for additional wiring. This dramatically reduces the wiring installation costs and the number of terminations.
Addressable Systems
As the technology of microprocessors has improved and production costs have been reduced, intelligent addressable alarm systems have become an economical alternative.Each device has an address enabling the panel to indicate the precise location of a fire or fault. This in turn provides a faster and more accurate response to any fire call.Single loop panels and multi-loop panels can be linked with repeaters or networked together for larger sites. Each loop will accept up to 127 devices and can be fitted with a printer to give printed reports for precise record keeping. Panels can be specified with Apollo or Hochiki protocol and can be linked to extinguishant systems or BMS.Our comissioning engineers can tailor programmes to achieve optimum performance for the individual situation.
Detection and Alert Components
Manual Call Points
Manual call points should be located at all ground floor exits. The maximum travelling distance to a call point for building occupants should not be more than 30m.

Simple Break Glass Operation
Weatherproof Models Available For Exterior Use
Test Key Provided With Every Call Point

Apollo Series 60 and XP95 detectors are approved to EN54.
Heat Grade 1 and Heat Grade 2
Diode base enables system operation with heads removed

Electronic Sounders
Automatic synchronisation provides enhanced signal clarification on multi-sounder systems:

Roshni Sounder
Can provide 24 different tones, switch selectable during installation
Surface cabling is accommodated through a deep baseCase manufactured from ABS in red

Squashni Sounder
The Squashni Sounder is a unique innovative ceiling sounder with a universal detector platform. New detectors and sounders can be installed at the same fixing point, saving on wiring costs. Enhances installation aesthetics:

Can provide 24 different tones
Can be used as stand-alone sounder when fitted with cover

Motorised Bells
We offer a choice of bells. They are available in 4" and 6" diameter
Flashing Beacons:
Enhanced optical design ensures maximum light dissipation
Built-in terminal block saves expense of external terminal boxes
All units supplied with deep base for surface wiring
Weather resistant to IP65
Choice of lens colours to suit most applications
Vandal-resistant with polycarbonate lens and body


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