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Fire Alarm System Maintenance provides the safety and comfort in knowing that your system works. When your fire system fails, it may go unnoticed until an event occurs and the system fails to notify the building occupants. These failures can result in loss of property or even loss of life. A second dangerous condition that results from a lack of fire system maintenance is false alarms. Frequent false alarms cause the occupants to ignore the sounding alarms and to think its “ Just another false alarm”. This causes the occupants to react improperly to a sounding fire alarm. Recent events and studies have found that when a fire does occur in a building with frequent false alarms, critical seconds are lost in a timely evacuation of a building. Even the best system can have problems or fail if not properly inspected, tested and maintained. Your fire system is governed by local codes that require this testing and maintenance. These codes are based and established on standards developed by the National Fire Protection Association or NFPA.

The performance of your fire system is directly related to the maintenance program in effect. While testing and maintenance can not guarantee a trouble / failure free system, it can increase the probability of detection and notification should a fire occur in your building.

Without effective maintenance even the best equipment will deteriorate, and without a rapid response even a minor fault could cause a major problem.
Planned preventative maintenance not only ensures that vital fire and security systems will work when they are needed, it also cuts downtime, maintains high levels of performance, and enhances value for money by ensuring equipment enjoys a longer life.

Regular service and maintenance also ensures continuing specialist attention to the often complex and fast-changing requirements of fire regulations and health and safety legislation, as well as insurance conditions and the mandatory elements of the fire brigade policies.
Aclass Alarms offer a choice of standard service and maintenance agreements that can also be tailor made to meet the needs of your individual requirements.
BS5839 The British Standard for fire alarms recommends that systems are checked 4 times a year.
Aclass Alarms provides maintenance and emergency repairs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.A dedicated phone service is available day and night to take your call.
To find out more about how Aclass can help plan a service and maintenance agreement to suit your requirements and your budget, ensuring your fire or security system operates when it needs to - Contact Us.

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