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Our Fire Extinguishers are B.A.F.E. approved to the British Standard BS EN3 (and carry kite marks) and are designed to be user-friendly.

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Squeeze Grip Operation/Controllable discharge
  • Colour-coded block to help identification
  • Clear screen printed instructions
  • Easily refilled and finished with high quality polyester stoved paint, long lasting.


Foam (AFFF- aqueous film forming foam) is suitable for Class A and Class B fires (flammable liquids such as petrol, oil, solvents and paints).
Foam branch pipe model for marine and industrial use.Spray models are ideal for mixed risk such as offices and shops.Spray nozzle incorporates a ribbed grip for ease of use. Spray nozzle has passed the electrical conductivity test of BS EN3, so it can be specified for Class A and B fires in proximity of live electrical equipment, in accordance with
BS 5306: part 3: 1985.


Designed for fighting Class A fires, (carbonaceous materials such as wood, paper and textiles).An economic solution to the most common fire risk.Polythene lining for durability.Stainless Steel model is approved to UL 626 and all others are Kite marked to BS EN3.


A wide range of multi-purpose ABC powder extinguishers, cartridge operated or stored pressure models, suitable for a wide range of environments and safe for use on fire risks involving live electrical equipment.Kite marked to BS EN3 except for Monex and M28 powders.Fire extinguishers filled with Monex powder for large risk fires are available on request. Monex is particularly effective against fires involving alcohol, ketones and esters.M28 extinguishers with low velocity applicator available for protecting many Class D fire risks.Safe for use with mixed risks.Powder extinguishers give a rapid knock down on fires.Polyester powder stoved paint gives a high quality finish.Electrically non-conductive.


The CO2 extinguisher range is available with aluminium or steel bodies, for fighting Class B fires as well as fires involving electrical equipment.Kite marked to BS EN3.Squeeze grip handles for controlled discharge of contents.Manufactured in the UK and controlled under quality system BS EN ISO 9002:1994, accredited by the BSI.5 kilogram steel bodied model approved for marine use by the UK authorities.Refillable product creates minimal secondary damage.


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